Social Media Launch Tips for Clinical Trial Recruitment

What are the necessary steps to plan an effective, patient-centric clinical trial recruitment campaign? Myriad media options are available, making it..

The ABCs of ROI: Providing Patient Travel in Clinical Trials

In the patient-centric conduct of clinical research, ROI (return on investment) is boosted significantly by providing patient travel services.  An..

Shifting Focus: Conducting Studies in Different Indications

The decision to shift focus in your clinical research site to a different medical indication can be influenced by myriad factors. Perhaps you are no..

Everything Connects: Driving Patient Recruitment and Enrollment in Clinical Trials


Cultural Diversity in Clinical Research – Perspectives from Advocacy


Three Days at MAGI

3 minute read

Healthcare Technology & Blockchain: Positive Disruption in Clinical Trials & Patient Experience

Authored By Melissa E. Daley, Content Marketing Specialist& Maggie Kilgallon, Marketing Coordinator

MAGI Moments: Panel Perspectives on Rare Disease Research

2-minute readMAGI Panel Discussion – Rare Disease Clinical Research 

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