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Integrated: A Strategic Approach to Running Clinical Trials

As a Sponsor/CRO, you know there are myriad moving parts to running an efficient clinical research program. An integrated approach, partnered with transparent communication, streamlines the conduct of clinical research and can greatly reduce its expense.

What is an integrated approach? It is a single, centralized vendor providing the majority of services required to support a successful clinical study from quick study start-up to study implementation to patient recruitment. These full-service offerings can include but are not limited to:
  • Site selection
  • Regulatory start-up
  • Patient enrollment services
  • Marketing
  • Graphic design and website development
  • Financial and grant management
  • Patient travel
  • Project management
  • Vendor management
  • Contract and budget negotiation
  • Site support
  • Electronic source

When services are consolidated and managed by a single, centralized vendor, your site staff has time to focus on what’s most important – patient enrollment and quality data. Meanwhile, the affiliated research processes flow efficiently and on-schedule.

There are significant benefits for Sponsors/CROs who adopt an integrated approach. These include:

  • A project manager who coordinates with sites on feasibility questionnaires, patient recruitment data, regulatory submissions, the status of CTAs (clinical trial agreements), affiliated tracking and status of site payments
  • Centralized contracting and budgeting to save time in the start-up process

Additionally, an integrated method reduces the number of vendor meetings your team needs to manage, direct correspondence with sites, and response time in addressing changes that need to be made. As a result, clinical trial efficiencies are scaled, providing significant cost savings for both budgetary and personnel related resources and processes.

Transparent, regular communication between vendor professionals and the Sponsor/CROs is essential. Weekly meetings should include review of trial metrics, site needs and requests. Any needed changes in strategy are also discussed.

BTC Network provides an integrated, patient-centric approach to navigate the hurdles in the conduct of successful clinical trials. Sponsors/CROs may need various solutions, depending upon the scope of the trial and the indication. Our experienced therapeutic strategy leads, as a part of an internal project management team, review Sponsor/CRO goals, objectives and budgets in order to develop a customized network strategy. To learn more about formulating an innovative, customized plan, contact our team.


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