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Changing Perspectives: Our Experience in Research

As industry professionals, we can discuss ways to improve methods of patient care, but how can our ideas be reliable methods if not tried-and-true? ClinEdge knows that the people with the best insight on patients in clinical trials are the patients themselves! That’s why we decided to share our own experience in research.

Christian Burns, President of ClinEdge, decided to change his perspective in the industry by participating in a genetics study. The research study has given Christian first-hand experience as a patient in a clinical trial.

our experience in research

Here’s what Christian had to say about his experience: 

What are the benefits to you as a patient in this study?

I feel as though I’m contributing to something that will help others in the long run. It’s a great feeling knowing the data I provide over the course of my lifetime will live on.

What recommendations do you have for patients who might be interested in a study?

I think you have to be proactive in your healthcare and research options that fit you as a patient.  Go beyond just a primary care doctor for your healthcare plan. We in the research industry have to set examples for others in clinical trials.

What have you learned from being in this study?

Having a first-person patient experience has helped me understand more about the research process. Being on the coordination side of clinical trials, it's easy to overlook what the patient goes through when participating. I’m definitely going to keep my experience in mind as I continue to lead the team towards innovative recruitment solutions in years to come.


Nick Zanotta, VP of Network Sites for ClinEdge Network, shares his experience in participating in a healthy volunteers study testing the effects of organic mouthwash.

our experience in research

Here’s his story:

“My experience was with the Forsyth Institute during my time at Northeastern University. I participated in a number of dental clinical trials for healthy volunteers. I remember during the first visit of the first trial that I participated in - I believe it was for a new, organic mouthwash - that it was intimidating walking into such a large institute, unsure about what to expect, the people that I would be interacting with, and what it really meant to participate in a clinical trial. All I knew, was there was some money to be made with little true effort.

Upon arrival, there were a number of forms to complete and a very friendly front desk person that helped guide me through the paperwork and the initial interaction put my mind at ease slightly. I then met with the research nurse who consented me and began the screening process. She took her time, was very patient with my questions and provided responses in phrasing that I could grasp and understand. She also took the time during the initial teeth cleaning to explain what the study involved, their objectives and endpoints, and the overall reasoning behind the trial. The dentist came in to conduct measurements and baseline readings, take x-rays and ask a few additional questions, but also took time to respond to a number of questions that I had for him.

My second visit was more brief, but was conducted in very much the same manner. On my final visit, the longest of the three visits, there was the same amicable and cordial conversations, a lengthy interview, measurement and cleaning process, and within 48 hours of completing the trial, receipt of a patient stipend.

This first overall experience in a clinical trial with knowledgeable and amicable site staff, a PI that knew how to show his interest and involvement in the research, and a flexibility to accommodate my schedule, led me to participate in multiple other clinical trials at the institute. I know I kept my eye out for trials that I could participate in, and the group provided a nice flier, I believe on a monthly basis, that kept me looped in on new studies as well as providing information on results for previous trials as they became available.”


Here at ClinEdge, we are very focused on the patient's journey throughout a clinical trial. Watch our webinar on how technology plays into the patient experience:

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