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ClinEdge, LLC Announces Collaboration with Sister Company BlueTheory Clinical Trials, LLC

April 21, 2015 (Boston)- The ClinEdge team is thrilled to unveil its collaboration with sister company, BlueTheory Clinical Trials. ClinEdge President Christian Burns and Vice President Alfred Peters are excited to announce BlueTheory as they feel that the sister company can provide research sites, CROs, and sponsors with a wider range of services than ever before. In order to join the ClinEdge network, sites must meet and maintain specific rigorous criteria.  BlueTheory’s unique approach allows the company to work with all types of research sites, from established multispecialty centers to newer single-specialty sites.  BlueTheory is able to match sites to appropriate trials based on study-specific criteria outlined by the sponsor or CRO. BlueTheory’s detailed study-specific feasibility analysis ensures BlueTheory sites meet all required qualifications prior to sponsor introduction.  All BlueTheory sites utilize a vast array of services, including business development, call center access, marketing, regulatory, and QA support.  BlueTheory’s experienced financial team can also help sites with contract and budget negotiations and receivable tracking.

While working with the smaller ClinEdge Network, Christian found that ClinEdge would receive many quality study opportunities from sponsors and CROs that they would not be able to support due to competing studies or insufficient patient populations.  BlueTheory’s network of research sites has provided the opportunity to still assist these sponsors and CROs in the event that ClinEdge cannot support the demand.

BlueTheory is the first trial management company to customize its services to the needs of each individual research site.  All services can be implemented on an ongoing or per-study basis.  BlueTheory Partner Sites retain their autonomy while leveraging the strength of a cohesive network.

BlueTheory collaborates with over 150 multi-specialty research sites. Scott Palmese, Associate Director of Business Development at BlueTheory, is excited to discuss the collaboration between ClinEdge and BlueTheory: “CROs have enjoyed working with us because of the detailed, study-specific site evaluation process that we utilize before any sites are introduced for their trials.” BlueTheory vets each Partner Site with study-specific information prior to submission to ensure that only the best fit sites are presented to CROs and Sponsors.  This process is so effective that out of the 8 facilities introduced by BlueTheory for a recent osteoarthritis study, all 8 were selected by the CRO as top candidates.

ClinEdge and BlueTheory are able to work exceptionally well together with sponsors and CROs due to the wide variety of research sites within the two networks.  When sponsors and CROs collaborate with both BlueTheory and ClinEdge, they will have no problem filling their studies with high-performing clinical research sites.  Although ClinEdge and BlueTheory are sister companies, they are separate entities. Each company uses its own confidentiality processes and works independently with sponsors and sites.

About ClinEdge

ClinEdge is a full-service business development, marketing, and patient recruitment firm dedicated to the success of clinical trials. Headquartered in the greater Boston area, the company’s two divisions, ClinEdge Engage, a leader in patient recruitment and retention, and ClinEdge Network, a network of high-performing investigational facilities across the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, cultivate and maintain strong relationships with the world’s leading research facilities, pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations (CROs).

About BlueTheory Clinical Trials

BlueTheory Clinical Trials is an organization dedicated to matching research facilities across the US and Canada with new trial opportunities.  BlueTheory has established relationships with CROs and pharmaceutical companies around the world in order to bolster the pipelines of our Partner Sites.  Ensuring our Partner Sites are a good fit based on study-specific criteria and enforcing a shortened document turnaround time lead to a streamlined site identification process and quick study start-up.

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