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ClinEdge Network is Expanding Its Borders

An Experienced Network of Research Sites in North America Is Identifying Global Research Site Partners

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ClinEdge Network, a division of ClinEdge and an exclusive network of clinical research sites across North America, has announced that based on an increase in demand of running clinical research studies outside of North America our network will be expanding to fulfill a needed obligation.

In 2015, ClinEdge Network sites in the US & Canada met or exceeded patient enrollment in over 95% of clinical research trials and have consistently been the industry leader in successful enrollment across a range of therapeutic areas. Based on ClinEdge Network’s proven track record of excellence, Sponsors and CROs have shown an increased demand for ClinEdge Network to partner with clinical research sites in other countries. Therefore, ClinEdge Network has recently completed the due diligence process on two separate research site organizations with a combined 14 locations that have extensive experience in a range of therapeutic areas.

Our Newly Joined Experienced Partner Research Site Organizations Based in the Netherlands, Germany & Romania have Extensive Research Experience in the Following Areas:

Cardiology, Dermatology, Endocrinology/Metabolic, Gastrointestinal, Hematology, Infectious Disease, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Oncology, Pain/Inflammation, Psychiatry, Respiratory, Sleep, Urinary Systems, Vaccines, Women's Health

President of ClinEdge, Christian Burns, discusses his excitement about the new global focus. “With an increased demand in Pharmaceutical Companies & Contract Research Organizations requesting ClinEdge Network Research Sites to enroll all of the patients for their clinical trials, our Network sees a tremendous value & benefit in partnering with site organizations that meet and exceed our same centralized processes and quality standards outside of North America. Our goal is to be able to work with Pharmaceutical Companies & CROs in providing research sites for their clinical trials with processes that allow efficiencies from research site identification, study start-up and patient enrollment/retention across the world. Our clinical research site organizations will now be able to collaborate with Pharmaceutical Companies/CROs across a range of therapeutic areas in new countries to expedite the whole clinical trial process. ClinEdge Network is thrilled for the opportunity to be the leader in clinical trial execution across the world and is excited to bring additional countries to the table over the next year,” Burns said.

Through the new global focus, ClinEdge Network will be able to provide Pharmaceutical /CRO clients with the following features:

  • Experienced Multi-Specialty Research Facilities across the World that can assist with ever Increasing Global Demands.
  • Efficiencies in Start-up & Enrollment- Historical Clinical Trial Data, Expedited Contracts/Budgets, Regulatory, Centralized Patient Recruitment & Retention, ClinEdge Patient Database Community, Full Service Call Center, Patient Travel Coordination, Clinical Trial Management Technology.
  • Sites that have a Track Record for Providing Good Quality Data and Integrity that will Meet or Exceed Enrollment Goals.

This exciting expansion highlights the success and vision of ClinEdge Network and emphasizes their commitment to leading the industry in growing and maintaining a high-quality network of clinical trial research sites worldwide.

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