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Evolving Clinical Research Ecosystem: A Fireside Chat

This webinar was recorded on August 29, 2018.

The clinical research industry is in a constant state of evolution, driving research sites to venture into new initiatives and to take a chance on hybrid approaches to running their businesses. This webinar, presented by three industry thought leaders, shares strategies and insights on how sites can maximize growth and operations in today’s research ecosystem.

Topics of discussion include:

  • adaptive patient engagement opportunities,
  • site operations models,
  • technology, and
  • virtual trials.

Watch our Fireside Chat




Christian Burns

President, ClinEdge

Christian Burns, an avid entrepreneur and research advocate, is the President & Co-founder of ClinEdge and BTC Network, and President of GuideStar Research. He is passionate about serving patients and sites by identifying innovative solutions that will transform the traditional clinical trial model. Christian's passion for clinical research began when he first participated in a clinical trial at a young age. Since then, his fascination with the industry and entrepreneurial spirit has continually pushed him to find ways to transform and improve upon existing processes, from site operations and management, to digital marketing and technology. Through his leadership of three companies, Christian continues to expand much needed services and offer  innovative solutions within the clinical research space. ClinEdge, BTC Network, and GuideStar Research work directly with sites, health systems, sponsors, and CROs in over 130 countries to support their operations, sales, marketing, and technology needs.



Jennifer Byrne

CEO, Javara

Ms. Byrne is CEO and Board Chair of Javara, an Integrated Research Organization (IRO) that offers comprehensive clinical research services to better align population health initiatives across value-oriented healthcare systems. Her career has been devoted to leading organizations, building teams, and cultivating partnerships centered on advancing the clinical research enterprise; namely, to better connect patients and providers to clinical trials. Her involvement in the clinical research enterprise has been vast, including collaborations with hundreds of pharma, device, Contract Research Organizations (CROs), technology, site organizations, and other research service providers. As a clinical research business leader, Jennifer thrives on building high performing teams and partnerships while navigating the complexities of the evolving healthcare and biopharmaceutical ecosystems. Jennifer is the former CEO of PMG Research and Founder of Greater Gift (501(c)3).



Sean Stanton

CEO, Lifecore Solutions

Sean has dedicated the last 25 years of his career to creating successful, high-performing research sites. To date, Sean has led the start-up of 26 clinical trial sites, six inpatient hospitals, and 19 outpatient clinics. More than 5,000 clinical trials have been conducted at these sites, leading to more than 50 drug approvals. Prozac was the first approved drug Sean worked on, followed by many other well-known drugs used in a variety of therapeutic areas (e.g., General Medicine, Vaccine, Women’s Health, Diabetes; Pain; Mental Health; Heart Disease; Oncology; Neurodegenerative Diseases; Sleep Disorders; etc.). In these trials Sean directed recruitment for the screening of 2,000 to 6,000 patients annually. A pioneer in patient recruitment, Sean was the first to pre-screen for screens and was on the forefront of direct-to consumer advertising, circa 1997.

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