The Difficulty of Branding your Clinical Trial

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The Difficulty of Branding your Clinical Trial

Branding a clinical trial is an advantageous first step to successful recruitment. A strong, cohesive brand can increase patient engagement, increase a study’s visibility, and communicate a trustworthy and professional brand.

Designing and executing a strong clinical brand can be difficult.  We address some of the hurdles below:

“Brand Challenge #1 -- No Product”

Branding a clinical trial is difficult. You are not branding a tangible product or a service - you are trying to get people to participate in an ongoing investigation.

“Brand Challenge #2 -- No Promises, Yet”

When branding a clinical trial we cannot make any promises to the potential participants. “A clinical trial is a strictly regulated scientific venture. Pharmaceutical companies are asking patients to help test a new drug to see if it may be safe and effective.” The drug is in its infant stage; there is a huge unknown factor. In order to protect the research site, sponsor, and other affiliates financially, the unknown factor must be present to participants.

“Brand Challenge #3 -- The Clock is Ticking”

The primary goal of a clinical trial branding campaign is to attract as many patients as possible in anywhere from “3 - 12 months.” Time is short! “If more patients respond to outreach because of successful branding, you will enroll more patients for your outreach dollars."

Source: Marketing:health

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