Employee Q&A: Chris Matteo

Our teams are comprised of amazing people of all different backgrounds and strengths. What they have in common is their passion for clinical research, and for making your clinical research ventures successful. In our Employee Q&A features we ask our employees what they enjoy most about what they do, and give them an opportunity to share a bit about who they are outside of the workplace.

Chris has been an integral part of the ClinEdge Network team from Day One. His willingness to jump in and help, ability to be a true team player, and overall strong work ethic has led to enormous success with ClinEdge! We can’t wait to see Chris continue to grow and we are lucky to have him as a key team member.


ClinEdge: What attracted you to the clinical research industry?

Chris: Complex health problems require complex solutions. The average time from laboratory compound to your cabinet is 12 years. Seeing the different types of technology, rationale, innovation, and detail behind clinical trials interested me from the beginning and continues to be rewarding to be a part of.

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ClinEdge: In your opinion, what is the key to success for research sites?

Chris: The key to success for research sites is intricate. I have identified a few common traits in high yield sites that I believe helps to ensure the highest success during the site selection process. These are: consistent internal/external communication, dedicated investigators, willingness to go outside their ‘therapeutic comfort zone,’ and presenting realistic expectations to the sponsor. There are others too, but these are the major ones!

ClinEdge: What are your hopes for the clinical research industry?

Chris: I hope to see clinical trial education increase across the general populace. Awareness of the clinical trial process and potential patient benefit is, unfortunately, universally low. I hope to see institutions involved in the research industry focus more resources toward this effort in the future.

employee q&a

ClinEdge: Can you tell us a "fun fact" about you?

Chris: This is not so "fun," but I have broken 11 bones in my lifetime – all due to sports related injuries.

ClinEdge: How do you define success?

Chris: Creating an environment and life that allows my future family to always be comfortable.

ClinEdge: What is your favorite place to eat?

Chris: My favorite place to eat is a family friend-run pizza joint – Imo’s Pizza - in my home town, St. Louis, Missouri. They use Provel cheese instead of the traditional mozzarella on their famous thin crust pizza.


Are you interested in hearing more from Chris? Listen to his webinar, "The Ultimate Guide to Breaking a Novice PI into Clinical Research."

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