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4 Tips for Finding the Right Staff at Your Site

Apr 09, 2018 Meg McCann 0


While staffing might not be the most glamourous task and certainly is a time consuming process, one might argue that it is fundamentally one of the most important decisions an owner, site manager, or PI could make for their site. Your employees and staff are what propel your business decisions and keep your site functioning effectively. When facing such an important decision, how does one know where to begin when it comes to hiring? There are four fundamental tips we live by in regards to making hiring decisions.

  1. Plan out your proposed hiring decisions well in advance of needing someone “tomorrow.”

By anticipating what needs may arise over the next month, six months, or year, you can effectively identify where gaps lie. Are your enrollment specialists so inundated with potential leads that they cannot follow up with all of them in a timely fashion? Are you slated to be awarded three new trials in the next few months?  Now might be the right time to add an enrollment specialist to the team, not only to help with overflow related to ongoing trials, but also to make sure no patient misses out on a follow up visit due to an untimely reach out.

  1. Create your payables schedule with hourly rates for training ahead of time.

While PIs or Sub-Is might negotiate their rates during the hiring process, projecting out how much you are able to pay them is critical to the hiring process. The experience levels of your potential new hires will have an effect on the hourly rates you should offer for training. At the same time, you should make sure that your site is able to stay competitive on a per procedure basis so that you will be able to land top talent. Projecting out how much you have to spend on an employee prior to their start date will help you to effectively manage their expectations and your training needs.

  1. Be creative when creating job descriptions for your site.

Attracting talent consists of more than just offering a competitive salary. Now, more than ever, prospective employees are looking for insight on office culture and information on company perks when researching a new job. Does your site offer flexible work schedules? Do you have a health and wellness package? Do you provide snacks in your office? There are a myriad of cost-efficient ways to attract the right talent for longevity at your site.

  1. Be innovative when it comes to where you are posting your position and sourcing candidates.

While the tried and true job forum websites will provide applications for your position, are they going to find you the right employee? Try going to industry-related job fairs, after-hours networking events, conferences, and local community education sessions. At each of these places you create an opportunity to get the word out about a position you are looking to fill. If time is of the essence, companies like ClinEdge offer staffing services specifically geared towards industry standards in site staffing. Remember, not all candidates actively search for a new position. Presently, many candidates rely on information received via word-of-mouth or referrals in order to find a new position. By using our first tip on knowing when you should plan to hire someone versus having an immediate need to fill a position, you should have adequate time to search for the right employee!

Each of these tips function to create an effective hiring plan and help you attract top talent that will move your site forward in an upward trajectory. If you are struggling with staffing for your site, remember that there are companies to help you. The ClinEdge eStaffing department is here to assist with this time-consuming but crucial endeavor. We have trained talent specialists that understand these principles of sourcing candidates for our clients. We carry out the whole process, from creating the job description, posting on necessary listing forums and attending unique events, prescreening applicants, and sending you only the most qualified individuals who we believe will work hard for your site.

For more information on any of these tips, or for help with staffing at your site please fill out our contact form and one of our specialists will be in touch!

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