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Webinar: Going After The Right Study

At any given time, there are hundreds of clinical trials actively searching for additional investigators. However, only a portion of these studies will be a good match for your research site, and an even smaller number of these acceptable studies will be beneficial to your site’s big picture goals. With such a wide and diverse array of studies available, research sites must prioritize the studies they pursue and let less desirable studies fall by the wayside.


Over time, the consequences of these choices can be significant. Going after the right studies will help your site build experience, grow its business, and develop positive relationships among leading sponsors and CROs. Taking on the wrong studies will divert time and resources away from your key objectives, and can even damage your site’s reputation in the industry. For these reasons, the ability to distinguish which studies your site should decline is crucial to long-term growth.

With these concerns in mind, our webinar will center on two questions:
  1. Why is it smart for sites to accept only certain study opportunities?
  2. How do sites determine which trials they should decline?

First, we will discuss the strategic benefits of declining clinical trials that do not fit your site’s plan for growth. We will explore in detail the reason why taking on studies outside of your site’s capabilities can be detrimental to your reputation. Next, you will learn the factors to consider when deciding whether to decline or accept a trial, particularly in terms of the study’s financial incentives, burden on your staff, and compatibility with your site’s resources. Finally, we will provide tips on how to use strategic declining to tailor your site’s pipeline for continued success.


Whether you are a single-investigator private practice, a multi-specialty dedicated study center, or a large hospital-based research division, strategically declining studies will be important to your site’s progress. Our webinar will provide practical tips that any site can employ to improve its operations and use resources more effectively. By applying some general principles to your process for declining bad-fit studies, you will be more prepared for the numerous opportunities that can build on your experience or expand your business into exciting new therapeutic areas. Our goal is make you more confident in deciding which studies deserve your time and attention and which you ought to let pass. For small and large research sites alike, it is okay to say "no!"

Watch the webinar now:

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