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Why Graphic Design Matters in Clinical Research

In the clinical trial industry we often think of study design and the overall strategy of the trials being conducted. We’ve read countless protocols outlining specific timelines, reasoning, and methodology of research studies. But more often than not, the design and brand of the study or your research site can be overlooked. Having a cohesive and visually appealing design scheme is just as important as the study design itself.

Recruitment in clinical trials is still one of the most challenging parts of clinical research, which is why the details of attracting patients to studies are so important. Packaging design influences consumers - the same is true for clinical trials. If your study or trial isn’t advertised in a well-designed manner to the proper audience, your recruitment statistics will suffer. 

 graphic design in clinical research

Why Graphic Design Matters in Clinical Research:

1) Provides a First Impression

As the saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” These wise words can be applied to any meeting in a professional situation, including when potential patients visit a website for the first time. An easy to navigate, well-designed website or landing page shows that a site or sponsor takes pride in their digital appearance, and makes a memorable impression for the patient.

2) Delivers Instant Integrity

A well-designed visual presence will help gain a clinical trial participant’s trust almost immediately. Appealing graphics and deliberate design show pride in the representation of a brand. With confidence in your site’s brand from the start, a patient will have more confidence in you, and will be more likely to participate in your trial or refer your site to someone else.

3) Outlines Clear Organization

Clinical trials can sometimes seem daunting to potential patients due to a lack of clear information about what the study will entail. Through brochures, postcards, printed collateral, and even online graphics, you can create a visual identity for your site and for the trials you are currently conducting.  A cohesive visual presence will provide your site with an opportunity to organize your information and make it clear to patients what they can expect. Using visual cues to help a patient navigate through a website or printed collateral gives you control over what they see and understand.

 graphic design in clinical research


As a full service patient recruitment and marketing company, ClinEdge Engage offers a variety of services that will enhance your site’s graphic presence both online and in print. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with all of your web and graphic design needs, or check out our whitepaper on website redesign: 





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