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How to Improve Your Clinical Brand

New medicines and clinical brands to accompany them are being developed daily. According to CBS New York, experts are now saying that, “Technologies today could allow the next generation to live up to 150.” One could assume that this means that the demand for new medicine will be greatly multiplied in the coming decades. With this is mind, drug marketing and target audience becomes a crucial factor.  Many current clinical brands can be dated and do not appeal to the upcoming generation.

So, how does one update a clinical brand for the next generation? If you aren't using a branding service like ClinEdge Engage, you can use these simple steps to update your clinical brand.

1. Look at your brand. Take a step back. What time period does this brand look like it if from? If it looks older than from the past decade you should probably change it.

2. Try changing your font. Every font has a different voice. At the moment, serif fonts tend to look dated. Use them with caution.

3Less is more! The idea of a brainstorming session is to lay all your ideas out on the table and sort out the good from bad. Ultimately, if done correctly you are left with many plausible ideas.  Do not use all of your ideas. Pick the best and run with it.

4. Try changing your brand colors. Like fonts, people perceive colors have a different voice as well. (For example, people associate mint green with the adjective “calm” that is why the color is commonly used in dental offices.) In choosing your colors use a free automated color wheel like Color Scheme Designer.  This way you can’t mess up!

If you are still having trouble, well you’re not the only one! Try using a branding service such as ClinEdge! ClinEdge is a full service business development and marketing company that prides itself in its branding, web development and patient recruitment services.

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