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Proven Ways to Handle Crisis Management at the Site Level

As sites, we see on a consistent basis that our industry is plagued by miscommunication or lack thereof within the partnerships that drive the medical research industry forward. From sponsor to Contract Research Organizations (CRO) to site to patient, there are a plethora of pitfalls that can be avoided. We have outlined a few attributes to help sites excel in handling those “sticky” situations.

Open Communication - If an issue is identified, be the leader of the conversation. People are open to having the discussion, given the opportunity to do so, within a timely fashion and focused on resolution, not blame.

Goal Setting - A number of the scenarios we see are multi-faceted and require strategic planning to accomplish what is needed by both parties. Ensuring that all parties have a clear and reasonable plan of action, set within the appropriate time constraints that allows progress to a similar endpoint among all involved, allows for more clearly defined achievements and evaluation mechanisms.

Efficiency - Keep as many cooks OUT of the kitchen, as possible. Bringing in only the necessary people makes little room for misunderstanding and things getting lost in translation. On the flip side, ensuring that the appropriate decision makers are involved in the conversation at the earliest possible point also has a large impact on the success of addressing the scenario at hand.

Expectation Management - Ensuring that each party has clearly defined expectations throughout the process and identifying as soon as possible if expectations are being met or not will set a standard for expectation management. Identifying how realistic expectations are and coming to an amicable level between both parties from the start also assists in the goal setting.

Communicate Post-Haste - The longer a scenario goes unresolved, generally the worse it gets. In our industry, as we know, no stone goes unturned by the FDA, so issues do not just disappear. Discussing your concerns openly is the quickest and least painful route to resolving issues. Identifying, communicating, and resolving any issues within the shortest time frame possible gives room to continued development of a positive relationship and shows that the parties are invested in achieving their common interests.

By setting standards for your site and keeping the points mentioned above in mind, you will be sure to catch those red flags early enough to avoid or handle any situation that comes your way.

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