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Research Site Website Design: Best Practices

An online presence is imperative to the success of any business, including clinical research sites. A website will allow you to be easily accessible to your potential patients, display all of your upcoming and current studies in one place, and show sponsors that you are a professional and high performing site.

website design best practices

Some main goals of your website should be to:

  • attract new patients;
  • keep current patients informed; and
  • show sponsors your professionalism and attention to detail.

In terms of website design, there are a great deal of functions your website can perform. It is important to keep your designs simple, and give clear information to potential patients in the easiest way possible. Simple, well-designed pages will keep the viewer on the page instead of overwhelming them with hard to read content or busy images. Less is more when it comes to website design.

Here are some tips for keeping designs clean:

  • Keep colors simple. Sometimes all a design needs to keep it clean is a simplified color scheme. If you have a good deal of content, try using only two or three colors. In many cases, the color choices in a design can be more distracting than helpful. You essentially want people to find the design approachable, not overwhelming or busy.
  • Give it space. Not every part of a website needs to be filled with text or images. Too much information crammed into a small space often makes a website less special and more likely to be ignored by the viewer. By letting the design breathe, you make it easier to be viewed and understood.
  • Consistency is Key. Consistency is a simple tactic that can make a drastic difference in the overall look and feel of your design. Too many typefaces, changes in scale, or types of images can make a website design feel unstable. A busy website could also lead potential patients to leave your site without reading any content, giving your site a high bounce rate.

website design best practices

At ClinEdge we strive to create effective, clean website designs for our clients. We recognize the demands of the digital age and will strive to keep the branding of your website up-to-speed with the design trends of the future. Our in-house design team has experience helping a verity of research sites and sponsors create highly functioning, responsive websites for their site or clinical trial.


Download our whitepaper on website redesign to learn more about how design can improve your study:




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