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The Sites and Sounds of ClinEdge

by Dori and Erina


If you glance through the glass door into the ClinEdge office, you may see a room full of young go-getters – some at their desks furiously typing away at their computer, some kicking a soccer ball while wearing a headset, and some mapping out ideas on the dry-erase wall with a marker.  Make no mistake – this is no ordinary office.  Despite all that’s going on in there, what you see is a team devoted to the success of clinical trials. So, what is a day in the life of a ClinEdge team member?

An average day at the ClinEdge office starts up quite quickly. Between the hours of 8 and 9 am, the ClinEdge crew shuffles into the office and to their work spaces.  The day usually opens up with numerous unread emails, countless Keurig cups, and travels to and from to the cafeteria downstairs for a sustaining breakfast.  Following the morning preparations, people settle in, phone calls ramp up, and emails start flying.

If you tune in to different phone calls and conversations taking place, you’ll hear the topic of clinical trials come up quite a bit.  You might hear an Engage team member discussing patient recruitment strategies or how to optimize an online advertisement, or a Network team member discussing upcoming studies and trial trends with their site clients while practicing their swing on our putting green. You might also hear a Business Development team member negotiating a contract with a potential client while patting our company’s pet dog, Sloan, who occasionally comes to the office to work on her duties as the "Office Morale Manager."

Throughout the day, you’ll see team members shuffling in and out of conference rooms. One meeting might be the account managers convening to discuss upcoming trial leads, while another might be our culture committee convening to discuss a volunteer opportunity or our company soccer league.  While our meetings are productive, they also embody the collaborative nature of our company.  We discuss ideas face to face, brainstorm and implement new thoughts, and even make sure we are up to speed on each other’s weekends.

Before you know it, after a multitude of phone calls, meetings, emails, cafeteria trips, coffee breaks, and puts on the green, its 5 o'clock on a Friday and time to wrap up for the week.  Regardless of who is on what team, Network or Engage, we all come together to achieve a common goal. All the advertising campaigns planned, all the study leads chased down, and all the patient recruitment calls made: these are the things we do to ensure our site's success...and we have fun doing it!

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Erina Taradai

Post by Erina Taradai -

As a Clinical Operations Coordinator, Erina works to build and facilitate relationships between research sites and pharmaceutical sponsors. “I love being able to build and maintain these relationships, and it feels great to be a part of a process that ultimately leads to the availability of new medications for people that really need them.”

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