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mHealth Helping the Elderly Live Healthier, More Independent Lives

Experts at the University of Missouri conducted a research study that used home care mHealth solutions to track potential vital signs, sleep, fall..

Jan 14, 2016 0

Mobile Apps' Impact on Healthcare

As new technology is introduced, healthcare organizations have been slowly trailing behind. With heavy reluctance, hospitals and healthcare..

Jan 02, 2016 0

Google Glass Trial for Children With Autism

Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine are using the technology behind Google Glass in order to help children with autism.

Oct 21, 2015 0

Breast Cancer Drug Might be the Cure for Future MRSA Infections

The superbug, MRSA, has long been a menace for most hospitals. As a second-leading cause of infections acquired during a hospital stay, MRSA can result..

Oct 19, 2015 0

New Trials Introduced Through Apple’s Research Kit™

In March of 2015, Apple made history by introducing its mobile platform designed for clinical research. ResearchKit™ became an instant game-changer in..

Oct 16, 2015 0

A Vital Patch: Changing the Landscape of Patient Monitoring

Engineers at the Cockrell School of Engineering in Austin, Texas are making new advancements in the field of epidermal electronics. The small, temporary..

Oct 05, 2015 0

Global Goals: Innovation for Healthcare 2015 & Beyond

In 2000, the United Nations released "8 Millennium Development Goals" outlining ambitions for global change in areas including poverty, gender..

Sep 22, 2015 0

Will Apple Have a Long-Term Impact on the Healthcare Industry?

Apple wants to play a bigger role in healthcare.

Sep 11, 2015 0

New Device “Reanimates” Hearts for Life-Saving Transplants

There are currently 123,000 Americans waiting for life-saving organ transplants. For people who need heart transplants, the average wait time is nearly..

Sep 02, 2015 0

Study: Our Understanding of Breast Cancer Prevention may be Flawed

A recent study in JAMA is casting new doubts on current methods of breast cancer prevention. The study analyzed records of 100,000 women with a..

Aug 27, 2015 0