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Why our team can't wait to get to #INBOUND17!

Marketing is at our company's core and this year we are sending a few first-timer's to HubSpot's INBOUND 2017 conference, taking place right here in the heart of our beloved city, Boston! Our team feels very lucky to have the opportunity to attend and absorb as much information as possible to apply to our clients and patient research studies. With bold talks from amazing keynote speakers like Former First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Ed Catmull, President and Co-Founder of Pixar Animation Studios and president of Pixar and (Walt Disney Animation Studios and Disneytoon Studios), we know the speakers will focus on delivering actionable tactics that we can put into practice as soon as we get back to the office.

Meet the team going to INBOUND, and if you're attending any of the same sessions we'd love to say hi!


 Ashley Eldridge, Director of Marketing and Design

Overall can’t wait for the opportunity to learn from such a diverse group of marketers, on topics that can help me think outside the box and grow my knowledge base. I want to take away advice and strategies that I can quickly begin to implement into my own work.

How to scale marketing 200% with no budget -

I like learning strategies that can be used to take advantage of marketing and growth without always relying on money.

Solving the Mystery of ROI: How to Find Marketing's Impact on the Business

I am looking forward to this session because I always am looking for the best ways to communicate the importance of marketing to the company, and this session will show what ways marketing ROI can be communicated/tracked in order to help understand its true benefit on business.


  Simonne Valdez, Marketing and External Relations Manager

INBOUND has been on my radar FOR YEARS and I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to go this year with my ClinEdge and BTC Network team! I know that we will gain great value from the speakers attending and other fellow inbound marketers. We love to work hard but we also love to have fun, not to mention they will have Food Trucks!

The Lazy Marketers' Guide to Runaway Webinar Success - 9 Immutable Laws Distilled from 350,890 Webinars

As some of you ClinEdge Webinar Series listeners have heard, I have been moderating our series this year! While continuously looking for ways to keep our information fresh and engaging, I hope to get a few tips on making them more exciting too! My main goal is to make sure our listeners get the most out of attending!

How to Use Content as a Tool for Each Department of Your Business

Our clients know that when working with ClinEdge, we've got them covered operationally. We also strive to make sure those who aren't working with us know they have the option to outsource some of their tasks, so they can spend more time focusing on patients. In the coming year, we hope to be able to provide more content from our specialists on our website to those needing it most.


 Georgia Ward, Senior Web & Graphic Designer

As a Senior Web & Graphic Designer at ClinEdge, I help design national patient recruitment campaigns, study websites, and innovative print collateral. I also assist the internal marketing team in developing innovative strategies for ClinEdge and BTC Network. I love being able to show clients what thoughtful design can achieve for their research site or trial.

The Psychology of Video and Why its more than just another content format

Excited to learn more about Video and how we can reach our own clients with it - and patients for our site campaigns

Better Sales Presentations 

Since we all spend a lot of time with PowerPoint - it will be good to hear how other people present to clients and what else we can be doing.


 Edvina Mirkovic, Marketing Project Manager

As the Marketing Project Manager for ClinEdge and BTC Network, I implement customized patient recruitment and retention marketing strategies to increase patient recruitment for clinical research trials nationwide across a variety of diseases. The most rewarding part of my job is spreading awareness about new treatment opportunities to improve overall health.

How to Use the Power of Story to Influence Action

I’m excited to go to this one because I think we can do a better job of telling patients stories in our ads to increase connections with an audience especially in rare diseases.

 ENCORE: Facebook TV: How To Maximize Your Reach & Results Using Video

I know we have been brainstorming a lot lately about how we can create more Facebook videos so it will be great to learn more how aggressively video ads are growing and how we can better implement them in our industry.


Amy Magill, Marketing Project Manager

What's Missing from Your Message

I’m very excited to attend this session to learn more about the key components to creating a valuable message and how to tell a story that will result in conversions.

Get More Leads from Content with Facebook Lead Ads

I think it will be very beneficial to attend this session since our company utilizes Facebook Ads Manager for a majority of our online ads. I would love to learn more about how to automate lead capture and how to be creative with content to drive more leads.


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