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Why Design Shouldn’t be an Afterthought

As Thomas Watson Jr., former and late IBM CEO said, “Good design is good business.” It seems that in the past five years or so, investment in design has become more important to business success than ever before. Companies like Apple and Microsoft have raised society's design standards with the strong emphasis they both place on design. In today’s digital world, design is crucial to getting the message across to your audience even if you already have a good product, service, or research practice.

When Path, a recently successful social networking app, first launched in 2010, it wasn’t designed well. When the company released its second version a year later, the core user interactions were simplified to one screen with well-thought out touches. Path experienced growth from 30,000 users to 300,000 within a month’s time. Stories like these (and there are plenty) are enough to fuel any company to think again when it comes to brushing off design as a mere decorative afterthought.

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What can good design achieve for your site?

  • Increase Revenue. A solid visual identity will help you attract more patients to studies, therefore bringing in more revenue for your site and team
  • Establish Trust. Patients will trust your research site when they already feel at ease with your well designed brand.
  • Unite Employees. Having a cohesive brand and company culture will help bring your team together under a common goal.

It is important for any company that hires a designer to inspire greatness in his or her work. Define your company’s problems clearly, set solid goals, and put ultimate trust in your designer to pave the way to meeting those goals. Remember that design is more than just decoration - it is an essential, powerful ingredient in any company.

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As a member of ClinEdge Engage, Georgia helps design national patient recruitment campaigns, study websites, and innovative print collateral. “I love being able to show clients what thoughtful design can achieve for their research site or trial.”

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