Top 2020 TAs, so far

ClinEdge has analyzed data to review how COVID-19 has impacted therapeutic areas this year. Many sites have had to adjust and pivot their clinical..

Positioning Your Site for Success in 2020: Therapeutic Area and Study Trends Amidst COVID-19

Given the circumstances we have experienced in 2020 nationally and globally, ClinEdge has analyzed data to review how COVID-19 has impacted therapeutic..

Considerations for Success: Adapting to COVID-19 and The New Normal

To understand the clinical trial landscape for the remainder of 2020 and beyond, it is essential to take into consideration the factors that..

How to Break Into Covid-19 Clinical Trials

As studies for COVID-19 increase, is your site interested being part of those trials? 

Increases in Study Volume and Awards Received

Study volume and site selections are increasing as many trials paused due to the pandemic resume their activities. Get on the radar.

How a Clinical Research Site Adapts to Covid-19

The following Q&A was hosted by Christian Burns, President at ClinEdge, and Bonnie Segal, Co-Founder and President at Segal Trials.

Study Start-Up Scenarios Due to COVID-19

We explore four possible scenarios for clinical studies to start again after the COVID-19 pandemic.

ClinEdge Updates Clinical Development Support Services to Accommodate for Flexible Study Conduct with Enhanced Home Site Service Offering

Boston, MA – ClinEdge, a global pharmaceutical and site clinical trial solutions provider, announces a dedicated offering to support clinical..

Five Principles for Sites Social Media Marketing During the COVID-19 Crisis

1. Listen & Acknowledge

Ignoring COVID-19 or pretending like everything is normal can come across as inauthentic at best, and tone deaf at worst. Let..

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