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Carol Wirta
Title: Enrollment Specialist II
Team: Enrollment Department


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My typical day includes…

The position of enrollment specialist at Clin-Edge is a very exciting and rewarding one. Our main responsibility is of course enrolling patients into clinical trials. The process is intense requiring lead processing/corresponding with patients and sites / detailed screening of the patient/ and interaction with sites. We also are involved with recruitment strategy/ site support/appointment scheduling and reminders to name a few.


What’s really interesting is…A Day in the Life...Carol Wirta_AW_V1-03

It is very interesting that patients with the same diagnosis have very similar symptoms and responses to survey questions.  Every patient has a unique story to tell, and most patients are very thankful that we have reached out to them.


What’s important is…A Day in the Life...Carol Wirta_AW_V1-04

It is so very important that each patient is treated with dignity and respect.  I am very pleased with the company policies on placing the patient first and providing alternate options for a patient that does not qualify for that particular study.


The most rewarding thing about my job is…A Day in the Life...Carol Wirta_AW_V1-05

The most rewarding experience of my job is being able to Randomize a patient into a study. Some patients have been suffering from a condition for quite a while, are in pain, and desperate for relief. Some patients have an orphan disease or fatal disease and a study is their only hope. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to help them.


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