A Day in the Life…Meghan MacDonald and Holly Dunbar, Patient Travel


Meghan MacDonald and Holly Dunbar
Titles: Travel Coordinators
Team: Patient Travel

My typical day includes…

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Meghan: Focusing on a lot of the behind-the-scenes operations to make our department more efficient so that we can assist patients more effectively. We work very closely with our patients to make sure all their needs are met.

Holly: Working with site coordinators and patients to help them with their travel itinerary. Patients have enough to worry about and we want them to be able to focus on their health. We’re providing patients with transportation options so that they’re involved in the process.


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What’s really interesting is…

Holly: That each patient is different – when you walk through the door, you never know how you’re going to help.

Meghan: Every day is a learning experience, about the different studies and learning about the patients’ lives, and who they are as people.


What’s important is…A Day in the Life...M.MacDonald H.Dunbar_AW_V1-04

Holly: That the patient is first. We make their life a little bit easier when they’re going through a difficult time.

Meghan: It’s important we keep the patients happy and also alleviate the workload and stress on the site coordinator. That in turn preserves retention rates, so that sponsors can get the information they need from the study.

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