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8 Days of Site KPI Advice to Bring Fortune in 2020


A Day In The Life...Adrienne Salisbury & Aya Soufan


Alzheimer's Disease Clinical Trials: Caregivers Are the Link to Patient Recruitment Success

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia is a complicated existence shared by an estimated 16 million Americans, who..

Making Time for Patients: Outsourcing Clinical Trial Budget and Contract Negotiations

We spend time, pass the time and we certainly can’t stop its march. When it comes to the conduct of clinical trials, time is of the essence...

Q&A on Contract Negotiation for Sites

Chris Monaghan, Associate Director of Site and Strategy at ClinX was recently on a panel at the SCRS conference centered around budget and contract..

A Day In The Life...Charlie Small

A Day In The Life...Joey Nguyen


3 Budget Negotiation Tips & Tricks

Negotiating a clinical trial budget isn’t rocket science, however it is most certainly an art form. You don’t need to be a lawyer, but you should..

Working Smarter: Implementing a CTMS in Clinical Trials


High-Flying Strategies for Study Lead Generation: Propel Your Site to the Next Level