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Joey Nguyen
Title: Clinical Financial Analyst III
Department: Finance


My typical day includes…

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Initiating and following up on contract and budget negotiations for my clients, who are independent clinical research sites and multi-site institutions. We reconcile their study payments as well as QA their subject data entry to ensure that the information is accurately reflected within the financials, so that we can know what needs to be invoiced and what to expect in payments.

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What’s really interesting is…

Regardless of the size of the client, we put in the highest level of attention to detail. Small sites and larger sites are valued equally in our network.


What’s important is…A Day in the Life...Joey Nguyen-05

We always put the clients’ needs first and our clients trust us to make sure  they receive every dollar they’ve earned throughout each trial. We continuously re-evaluate the costs and budgets of each study through communicating regularly with clients; which allows us to ensure that every budget is maximized.

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