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BTC Network Announces Collaboration with MeDiNova Research

RELEASED: 22 March 2018

BTC Network Announces Collaboration with MeDiNova Research

Boston-based BTC Network and London-based MeDiNova Research have entered into a global strategic partnership dedicated to streamlining clinical trials with site and patient-focused strategies.

“The goal is to provide strong, quality research sites to pharmaceutical companies and contract research organisations (CROs),” comments Kumar Muthalagappan, CEO of MeDiNova Research.

“Together our two power-house global site networks have conducted more than 300 clinical studies across a range of therapeutic areas within the past five years at hundreds of locations.”

The global partnership brings together 75 sites research across Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Argentina and South Africa. Leveraging the scope and expertise of BTC Network and MeDiNova Research, the aim is to provide patients with greater access to clinical trials and to equip physicians with the right resources for effective enrollment. The collaboration launches with a focus in vaccine and pain management trials and will steadily expand into other therapeutic areas.

“Our shared philosophies made the relationship such a logical move,” says Scott Palmese, Vice President of BTC Network.  “Both groups increase efficiencies by harnessing insights and processing knowledge from sites across the globe. Together we will drive continuous improvement through developing best practices and new methodologies in the delivery of clinical research in more countries with new opportunities.”

About: MeDiNova

MeDiNova Research is emerging as a leading Global Site Management Organisation in terms of quality, patient recruitment, delivery, staff and prospects. MeDiNova has 44 well established Investigator Sites worldwide with operations in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Spain and the United States. The organisation’s experience spans over 20 years, conducting Phase II to Phase IV clinical trials with access to more than16 million patients. Through strong relationships, MeDiNova’s experienced team is focused on efficient and timely service delivery to patients, sponsors, CROs and healthcare professionals. Passionate in every aspect of clinical trials, MeDiNova is growing rapidly to be the patients’ and pharmaceutical industries’ choice for trials.

About: BTC Network

BTC Network is an organization dedicated to streamlining the entire clinical trial process. BTC Network’s integrated network of elite research sites takes advantage of centralized services including pipeline management, financial operations, regulatory assistance, and patient recruitment. BTC Network works with sites and pharmaceutical sponsors alike to make the conduct of clinical trials more efficient and cost-effective.


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