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Employee Q&A: Edson Dasilva

Our teams are comprised of amazing people of all different backgrounds and strengths. What they have in common is their passion for clinical research, and for making your sites the most successful they can be. In our Employee Q&A features we ask our employees what they enjoy most about what they do, and give them an opportunity to share a bit about who they are outside of the workplace.


Edson Dasilva has been with BTC Network for five months, coming to us with experience as an Accounting Professional and a United States Army Veteran. Edson is a great asset to our team, because of his analytical accounting background and his ability to adapt in multiple situations. He adds motivation and positivity to our office and provides our clients with customized research financial services for both their short term and long term needs. We are lucky to have him on our team!

BTC: What attracted you to the clinical research industry?

Edson: My attraction to the clinical research industry stems from my need to have a career that is both challenging and fulfilling on a personal and professional level. Knowing that my work is contributing to a process which will help improve the lives of others was exactly what I was looking for at this stage of my life.

edson dasilva btc network employee spotlight

BTC: What do you think everyone should know about clinical trials?

Edson: I believe everyone should know the important role clinical trials play in ensuring potentially lifesaving medications and devices reach patients and medical facilities. These treatments improve the lives of patients that may not have had access to medical resources previously.

BTC: What is one piece of advice you consistently give to research sites?

Edson: The best advice I give to research sites is to always try to conduct the most precise studies possible and to do so in the most financially efficient manner. I have seen that sites can often overlook the financial aspects of the studies they are conducting, which inhibits them from financial feasibility.

edson dasilva btc network employee spotlight

BTC: Can you tell us about your greatest professional success?

Edson: My greatest professional success has been being able to successfully transition from the military environment to civilian workforce. This has proven to be a hard transition for many of my peers who I served in the military with. The ability to adapt and overcome has become one of my trademarks.

BTC: If you won $1,000,000, what would you do with it?

Edson: If I were to win $1,000,000 I would use 35% on my family, 35% on investments, and the remaining 30% would be used to help to improve the lives of others. Giving to charity is very important to me as I am a firm believer that it is our duty to help leave this world a better place than what we found it.

edson dasilva btc network employee spotlight


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