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Employee Q&A: Kirsten Joseph

Our teams are comprised of amazing people of all different backgrounds and strengths. What they have in common is their passion for clinical research, and for making your sites the most successful they can be. In our Employee Q&A features we ask our employees what they enjoy most about what they do, and give them an opportunity to share a bit about who they are outside of the workplace.

Coming from a completely different background, it has been so exciting to see Kirsten grow in her role and become so knowledgeable in this industry. Dubbed “meme god,” she has shown us all that while we work hard to meet our goals, we should remember that we are never too busy to have fun and celebrate with each other! She has become a driving force on this team and we’re lucky and proud to have her.


BTC: What drew you to BTC Network, and what has changed since?

Kirsten: When I came to BTC Network, I was looking for a career change! I had spent 16 years in the retail banking world and figured it was time for something new. What has changed during my time here? EVERYTHING! Our team continues to grow and, well, I know what I am doing now! I had no clue when I started, I won’t lie!

BTC: What do you think everyone should know about clinical trials?

Kirsten: Everyone should know that the physicians who work in clinical research are doing it because they truly care about people, specifically their patients. Clinical researchers are looking to help and to heal.

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BTC: What are three words to describe your role as a Senior Business Development Coordinator?

Kirsten: Crazy, entertaining, and rewarding!

BTC: What question do you hear most frequently from research sites?

Kirsten: “Kirsten, do you really think this pre-award study is going to get awarded to this CRO?” In response, I tell my sites that their input could be of value to the CRO in their bid defense and could ultimately be a deciding factor in the CRO being awarded a study by a sponsor. 

BTC: When you aren't in the office, what can you be found doing for fun?

Kirsten: Hanging out with my 2 year old - she loves the playground!  The day she finally got over her fear of going down the slide alone was the greatest day ever for her!  And, I also love sipping on wine and eating cheese - I love visiting wineries and attending food festivals!

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BTC: Do you have a favorite line from a movie?

Kirsten: Definitely "I'm a cool mom!" from Mean Girls. I use this line with my oldest all of the time!

BTC: When are you the happiest?

Kirsten: I am happiest when I am at the beach, preferably in Hilton Head, SC.


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