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Employee Q&A: Sarah Pierce

Our teams are comprised of amazing people of all different backgrounds and strengths. What they have in common is their passion for clinical research, and for making your sites the most successful they can be. In our Employee Q&A features we ask our employees what they enjoy most about what they do, and give them an opportunity to share a bit about who they are outside of the workplace.

Sarah is a strong asset to the BTC Network team - her drive and dedication do not go unnoticed! She is always up for a challenge and goes above and beyond for her clients. She is also a go-to person on the team when someone needs help with day to day situations with clients, or tips and tricks for staying organized and on top of all the moving parts in our roles. We are very lucky to have Sarah on our team and we’re looking forward to seeing her continue to grow in 2019!


BTC: What do you think everyone should know about clinical trials?

Sarah: Clinical trials are an important step to discovering treatments and cures for illness, disease, and cancers. They also help to reduce the risk of developing or contracting those illnesses. This is how we save lives for future generations!

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BTC: When you aren't in the office, what can you be found doing for fun?

Sarah: Boating, traveling, and throwing some pretty sweet backyard shindigs in the summer! Family is extremely important to me and these are things that we all can do together.

BTC: What is your favorite part of your job?

Sarah: Building a relationship with my accounts, but also researching what kind of clinical trial opportunities are in the horizons. Acting as an extension of a site's team requires an extensive amount of communication. Being able to create this comfortable relationship and really "knowing" your site builds trust and reinforces collaborative efforts.

BTC: What drew you to BTC, and what has changed since?

Sarah: My degree is in Community Health and Health Education. Without being a doctor, nurse, or teacher, this is an alternative way to help indirectly influence the success of community health.

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BTC: If you could have on super power, what would it be?

Sarah: The power to heal. I would not only be able to heal minor injuries but also cure serious illnesses. It might put people out of a job but the world would be a healthier place!


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