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[Q&A] Recruitment and Call Center, Questions Answered

Utilizing various marketing strategies is great way to increase your patient inquires – but its also imperative that your site staff can keep up with a large amount of leads. If your site is unable to reach potential subject participants due to a huge influx of leads, utilizing a call center may help to maximize your recruitment strategies. In this presentation, hosted by Marisol Ocasio and Edvina Mirkovic, we discussed how to effectively maximize your advertising budget to increase recruitment and how employing a call center can help boost your enrollment while reducing the burden on your site.

Common questions ased  during the presentation and from current clients are answered below:

What about negotiations with a hospital or university's call center? Hospitals and universities can outsource to our call center.

  • In some locations, local IRB’s may decline access to their health systems, however potential candidates can be identified and forwarded to the call center via a protected excel workbook.

What is the standard for time elapse in returning a potential volunteer phone call

  • A good goal is to respond within one hour or less. I would never exceed a full business day. The sooner, the better!

How are your call center staff trained on new protocols?

  • Since our Enrollment Specialists are adept in reading/understanding protocols and have worked on various trials in multi-therapeutic area’s, all trainings are conducted in-house. There have been instances where the sponsor preferred to have 1-2 Enrollment Specialists attend the IM.

What practices do you believe to positively impact retention the most in studies

  • PI and CRC’s building rapport with their patients. This includes timely responsiveness, attention to care, and positive interactions. Overall, the subject’s experience from the pre-screening call to completion of study visits make a patient's visit more impactful.

If you missed the live presentation or would like to rewatch the webinar, click below

This webinar will cover:

  • The importance of maximizing your marketing budget to increase patient recruitment
  • Why it is critical to report your return on investment to sponsors and how that may help you to request additional advertising funds
  • The benefits of having a full time enrollment specialist and how it can help to reduce your site’s burden
  • Examples of effective outreach and strategies for implementation
  • How to track your pre-screenings to assist with recruitment management
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