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Q&A on Contract Negotiation for Sites

Chris Monaghan, Associate Director of Site and Strategy at ClinX was recently on a panel at the SCRS conference centered around budget and contract..

Working Smarter: Implementing a CTMS in Clinical Trials


Physician Payables: Managing Expenses and Revenue in Clinical Trials Conduct

Managing a successful clinical research site entails maintaining a consistent, transparent payables process in tandem with building a strong..

Show Me the Money: Budget and Contract Negotiations


Budget Negotiations: Capturing Your Heart and Revenue PART 2

2-minute read | Part 2 of 2

How can you powerfully negotiate your site’s clinical trial budget with your sponsor/CRO? Our recent webinar shared..

Hidden Costs and Fees: Thorough Budget Negotiation for Clinical Research

When negotiating any clinical study budget with a sponsor, it is easy to stay focused on larger financial items and processes while overlooking costs..