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Reducing Financial Holdbacks

Holdbacks are very common in purchasing agreements. They are usually a portion of money that is not paid at the end of term, typically help by a..

Show Me the Money: Budget and Contract Negotiations


Our 5 Tips for Budget Negotiation

There is not much room for error when it comes to negotiating budgets for clinical trials. Through the experiences of the sites in our network, we have..

3 Ways to Improve Site Budget Negotiations

Negotiating a clinical trial budget isn’t rocket science, but it is most certainly an art form. You don’t need to be an expert, but you should..

[Q&A] Financing Clinical Trials

 Scott Palmese, VP of Site Networks 

Finance Q&A: Understanding Pass Through Fees

BTC Network’s Scott Palmese answers common questions regarding start-up fees, fair market value, monitor change fees and more.

Effective Advertising Budget Negotiation Strategies

As medical research advances, clinical trial protocols are becoming more detailed, resulting in more complicated budgets. Having a thorough and..

Contracts & Budgets: Webinar Q&A


Webinar Q&A

If you missed it you can watch the entire webinar online - here.

Below are some questions we received during the presentation.