High-Flying Strategies for Study Lead Generation: Propel Your Site to the Next Level

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High-Flying Strategies for Study Lead Generation: Propel Your Site to the Next Level


Managing a clinical research site is a highly complex undertaking with many moving parts and affiliated responsibilities, but there is one activity that unites clinical research with all other business entities – finding business. Uncovering the right trial opportunities can be challenging: “Experienced sites know that many, if not most, study opportunities are unsuitable for their site (or any site). Unsuitable studies may be difficult to enroll, have inadequate budgets, be scientifically questionable, or have a host of other potential problems. A given site may not have the necessary patient population, expertise or equipment for an otherwise excellent study.” (https://firstclinical.com/journal/2011/1104_Bus-Dev.pdf). A strong partner in business development provides study leads that are not only good fits for your site, but studies that propel your site to the next level.

In order to optimize outcomes when engaging with an external business development specialist, a site must first understand its core capabilities, be able to communicate these clearly, have a strong track record in clinical conduct with a patient-centric focus, and insight into what the sponsor/CRO needs in a given study. Engaging a professional service to focus on study lead generation provides fodder for the site’s pipeline and allows staff to care for patients and produce good quality data. How exactly how does the business development process work?

The key to effective study lead generation is a combination of strong research skills and impeccable timing. There are many free, web-based publications that publish news, trends and updates on various topics in the biopharma space, including which companies have received funding. This can be a key indicator that the organization will be conducting studies and perhaps, looking for clinical trial sites. Other pertinent information that is covered includes study details, where the study is being run, start/end dates and professional contacts.

Popular outlets to follow include:

While primarily focused on patients, https://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ also lists study opportunities. However, since it is a widely used resource, it may not prove as much of a launching pad as the others listed above. Prospecting for study leads takes valuable time away from clinical conduct and patient care. But there’s another approach.

Working with a clinical trial services provider that specializes in study lead generation can deliver results while simultaneously removing burden from internal team members.  External business development teams conduct daily research on multiple platforms, discovering potential study leads as soon (and often before) they arise. Leading players have established trusted sponsor/CRO relationships and formal Network partnerships that they can leverage on the site’s behalf. Often, there is a dedicated POC who is accessible and becomes a remote extension of the clinical research site staff. A dedicated account manager will learn all there is to know about what makes your site unique, qualified and will effectively communicate this to sponsors and CROs.

ClinEdge’s business development specialists have the expertise, proactive approach, and drive to bring your clinical trial site to the next level. In addition to study lead generation, they provide strategic guidance with study line pipeline tracking, feasibility completion and assist with getting sites in front of sponsors and CROs at major conferences. Contact us to learn how we can help your site take flight.

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