Best Practices for Patient Enrollment: Everything Connects

This webinar was recorded on Thursday, February 28th, 2019. 

In this webinar, Marisol Ocasio, Director of Patient Enrollment, discussed  tried and true tips and tricks for meeting enrollment goals at a research site. Her discussion covered how everything, from feasibility questionnaires to enrollment, effects recruitment. She explored why some sites are able to consistently meet their goals, while for others meeting these goals is a major challenge. Solutions were offered to help support research sites that fall into the latter grouping.

Topics covered include:

  • Processes that challenge research sites’ ability to meet enrollment goals;
  • Strategies that can assist with ensuring enrollment goals are met; and
  • The importance of planning and management as part of a recruitment strategy.

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Marisol Ocasio

Director of Patient Enrollment

Marisol leads a team of experienced recruitment specialists who’s objective is assisting with the enhancement of enrollment goals for sites/sponsors.
“What I like most about patient recruitment is being a patient advocate, meeting and exceeding enrollment goals, and that I am successful at the only job that makes a research income.”

ClinEdge Staff

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