Business Development Strategies for Research Sites: Creating Strong Relationships with Sponsors & CROs


This webinar was recorded on Tuesday, May 21, 2019.

Clinical research is becoming increasingly competitive with multiple sites vying for the same spot on every trial. With these high levels of competition, standing out from the crowd is not just important – it is essential to success.

Being a CRO or sponsor’s site partner often comes with advantages, such as early access to studies, the ability to provide protocol feedback, and dedicated points of contact within these companies. In this webinar we covered strategies for identifying target companies, getting your foot in the door, enhancing relationships, and steps to take to become a partner site. 

Specific topics included:

  • How to identify the right sponsors and CROs;
  • Getting your foot in the door as a research site; and
  • Maintaining and enhancing sponsor/CRO relationships.


Access BD Strategies for Research Sites



Riley Kammer
Director of Sponsor and CRO Alliances

Riley works with both sites and sponsors/CROs in a variety of capacities to optimize and streamline the site selection process. “My position is most rewarding when sites are awarded competitive studies in high interest indications.”

ClinEdge Staff

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