How Branding Your Clinical Trial Can Increase Patient Awareness and Enrollment



This webinar was recorded on Wednesday, March 27th, 2019. 

This webinar focuses on the ever important creative and visual aspects of a clinical trial. What is a clinical trial brand and why should you consider it for your clinical trial? How can a brand help impact and attract the right patients for your trial? How and when should you implement branding and creative materials for your study?

With some tactical foresight, a bold design, and an awareness of your audience’s mindset, you can create study branding that is memorable and compelling to your target patients. 

Key topics addressed:

1. What is a brand? And what are the benefits of creating a brand for your study?
2. What are the difficulties in branding for clinical trials? What makes for successful branding?
3. How does branding accelerate patient enrollment?
4. Which media should showcase a study brand?

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ashley e

Ashley Eldridge

Director of Marketing & Design

Ashley leads the internal marketing and creative design teams at ClinEdge. By implementing strategic visual solutions including website development, marketing campaigns, and brand strategy, her teams open the research industry to a new landscape of marketing approaches. “The most rewarding part of my job is seeing how design can redefine a patient’s outlook on the clinical research industry.”

ClinEdge Staff

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