Industry R&D Trends and Site Strategies for Success in 2018


Being able to roll with the ever-changing tides of clinical research is crucial to staying afloat in this competitive industry. With that said, being open to branching out into new therapeutic areas is not only beneficial – it’s also necessary-- to being a successful site. Therapeutic forecasting at the site level is necessary for new sites looking for their first studies and even veteran sites looking to expand their businesses. Having an understanding of industry trends is key for making overall business decisions and knowing how to position yourself for success.

In this webinar, Riley will be revealing the overall therapeutic direction R&D and clinical development trends of pharmaceutical companies based on data collected from the past few years and current conversations we are having at conferences and through our various connections. We will give you a firsthand look into a number of topics that will help in strategic decision-making.

We will cover:

  • Projected trends in sponsor pipelines for the upcoming year 
  • How to use historical data to forecast top therapeutic areas and indications for the new year 
  • Strategies to successfully recruit patients in a new therapeutic areas after landing the first study 
  • How to proactively use therapeutic forecasting to enable your site to grow 


This webinar was recorded on December 21, 2017. Click the link below to watch the recording.

Watch Webinar On Forecasting Industry Trends


Riley Kammer

Director of Sponsor and CRO Alliances

Riley is an Associate Director of Clinical Operations at ClinEdge working with both sites and sponsors/CROs in a variety of capacities to optimize and streamline the site selection process.“My position is most rewarding when sites are awarded competitive studies in high interest indications.”

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