Positioning your Site for Success in 2020

Date: Thursday, March 26th 2020 | 12PM EST

This presentation will focus on ways sites can position themselves to be successful in 2020. Topics will include information on trending therapeutic areas, ebbs and flows of the industry, therapeutic forecasting, and how to set your site up for success by finding and getting the right studies.

Specific areas to be covered include:

  • Breaking into new therapeutic areas;
  • Why do it? – importance of adaptability and where to start;
  • Importance of having a physician referral network and how to build one;
  • Outreach tactics and how to pick the right studies;
  • Feasibility Questionnaire – how to complete as a naïve site, and how to stand out from the crowd; and,
  • Outsourcing these services to companies who have maximized the efficiency of these processes.


michael centofanti;

Michael Centofanti

Site Strategy Lead

Addison Rose

Post by Addison Rose -

Addison works on the internal marketing team at ClinEdge, BTC Network, and GuideStar Research. She assists the internal marketing team with conference planning, webinar management, external partnerships, social media strategy, and other marketing efforts.

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