Run Your Research Program like a Business: 7 Techniques to Grow Your Site


It’s no secret that the clinical research industry is competitive and, as a site, efficiently and accurately conducting clinical trials is a key component to success. In order for private practices, health systems, research facilities, and other sites to improve their clinical trial processes, it is important to focus on the business aspects of your research program.  

In this webinar, we will discuss seven key business strategies you can implement at your site to optimize your research program.

What you'll learn:

  • Determine the best trials for your organization and patient population
  • Assess your staff’s workload to ensure capacity and identify staffing needs for planned growth
  • Develop and negotiate study contracts and budgets to ensure a positive financial picture
  • Accurately handle invoicing, collections, and payments as well as prepare study financial statements
  • Select the right Clinical Trial Management Software
  • Track the right metrics to get an accurate picture of site performance
  • Implement proactive - not reactive - patient recruitment strategies


This webinar was recorded on September 21, 2017. Click the link below to watch the recording.

Watch Webinar On How To Run Your Site Like A Business


Scott Palmese

Vice President of Site Network for BTC Network

Scott Palmese is Vice President of Site Network at BTC Network and has been in the research industry for close to 10 years.  As a member of the leadership team at BTC Network, Scott oversees the daily operations of the company and provides guidance for the development of new processes and initiatives.  Scott specializes in site operations, including business development, financial management, and patient recruitment and engagement.

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