Therapeutic Trends: A look back at 2019 to Position your Site for a New Decade of Success

This Webinar was recorded on February 26th, 2020.

In order to effectively navigate the changing clinical trials landscape, successful sites must always be one step ahead and should evaluate ongoing therapeutic data trends to ensure the future success of their site. As the number of clinical research sites continues to increase, the landscape of securing new study opportunities has become highly competitive making site adaptability a key to success.

In this webinar, Steph Burns and Chris Matteo reviewed therapeutic data trends from 2019, forecasted trends for the upcoming year, and discussed how your site can utilize this information to your advantage. ​

The webinar covered:
· The Top Therapeutic Areas and Indications of 2019
· Preparing for 2020: What drives R&D
· Strategically optimize growth within your pipeline to break into new Therapeutic Areas

Webinar Recording


chris matteo;

Chris Matteo

Associate Director of Clinical Operations

steph burns

Steph Burns

Clinical Operations Coordinator

Addison Rose

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