Utilizing Patient and Local Communities in a Research Study

This webinar was recorded on Tuesday August 27, 2019 at 12:00PM EST

In a world of social media and viral content, it is easy to lose sight of the heart of a clinical trial: helping advance medicine to help build stronger and healthier communities. While online and traditional media advertisements are a very important part of finding the right volunteers for a clinical trial, utilizing and engaging your local community can also be a strong asset to your recruitment toolbox.

During this webinar, we discussed:
• What is community outreach and grassroots marketing?
• Who is the community? What is the difference between a patient community and a local community?
• When should you use community outreach and grassroots marketing?
• How should you use community outreach and grassroots marketing?

We also showed you a real-world example of one our clients utilizing this tactic, and showed you how you can apply it on a smaller, local level.

Learning Objectives:
• Define community outreach and grassroots marketing
• Define how these tactics can be applied to recruitment in a research study
• Illustrate the best ways to get started and engage other resources within your community to spread awareness about your study

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Taylor Krajewski;

Taylor Krajewski

Marketing Coordinator

As a Marketing Coordinator for the Engage Marketing team, Taylor supports both sites and sponsors on their patient recruitment strategies via both online and traditional ad management. “There are many details and moving parts to getting a campaign off the ground, but it’s very rewarding once the foundation of a campaign is complete.”


Meghan Grassing

Clinical Trial Marketing Manager

Addison Rose

Post by Addison Rose -

Addison works on the internal marketing team at ClinEdge, BTC Network, and GuideStar Research. She assists the internal marketing team with conference planning, webinar management, external partnerships, social media strategy, and other marketing efforts.

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