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Jul 26, 2019

Getting Opportunity to Knock in Clinical Trials

Getting Opportunity to Knockin Clinical Trials-01Conducting and managing clinical research programs that are based in healthcare settings requires a strong business approach. To maintain patient-centricity, your organization has to be financially viable, ensuring the positive flow of funds from work performed on clinical studies. What if the goal is to grow the pipeline but you need a level of guidance? The oncology department of an East Coast healthcare system faced this situation and recognized that external expertise would expedite their plans. GuideStar consultants provided innovative solutions that made a positive impact.

While the organization was actively conducting clinical research, they were primarily low-funded, co-operative group trials. Leadership understood the financial impact on the overall system. GuideStar professionals immediately identified two main hindrances to pipeline growth:

  • A lack of access to trials offered by industry sponsors and CROs
  • A dependence on already busy study coordinators for pipeline administration work

GuideStar determined the best way to address these issues was to create more efficient study processes, resulting in a robust and profitable pipeline of studies. The combination of leadership’s desire and drive to expand their program, in tandem with GuideStar’s vision and expertise, meant that now, opportunity started knocking.

GuideStar’s approach to opening new doors included:

  • Creating a site profile to use in communication with sponsors
  • Conducting interviews with the institute’s physicians and coordinators to determine study interests, site capabilities, and patient populations
  • Entering this information into nearly 100 sponsor and CRO databases to introduce the site
  • Examining, simultaneously, the existing pipeline of opportunities

The results speak for themselves. Over the course of the first three months, GuideStar presented a total of 12 industry sponsored trials to the site. Of those 12, the site was awarded three trial opportunities. GuideStar’s continued, aggressive pipeline management has assisted the oncology department to build solid relationships with sponsors and CROs, and cultivate its reputation in the research arena, as well as in the community. Learn more about how GuideStar consultants can help you open doors.

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