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Jun 10, 2016

Don’t forget those invoiceables in your study budget

In working with sites around the country, GuideStar has noticed that sometimes invoiceables are often overlooked when developing a study budget.

An invoiceable is an event, procedure or item required for the clinical trial that is not included in start-up fees and is not necessarily required for every patient visit. These items are to be invoiced to the sponsor as they occur.

So, what does that mean?  Well, it means you comb through the protocol to identify things that may be a cost to you.  Are you going to need dry ice?  How much will it cost?  Will it need to be shipped to you or will you incur mileage expense to pick it up from another location?   Make sure you’re paid for whatever you need to do to get that dry ice.

Examples of other invoiceables:

  • Scans – these are expensive, and the price can vary widely from site to site and scan to scan. If a scan is not a built in part of the treatment interval, list them as an invoiceable.
  • Monitoring visits – each visit from a sponsor monitor requires a lot of time and effort on the part of the coordinator and PI to prepare and answer any questions. This time and effort should be invoiced to the sponsor for each monitoring visit.
  • Processing safety reports – a bit of time and effort is required of the coordinator and PI to review all of the incoming safety reports and stay abreast of any possible issues. You should get paid for that time.

After a careful review of the study budget, all procedures and events should be accounted for. If any are not, they may fall into the “invoiceables” category. Remember, clinical trials should be run like a business and that means costs for the services being provided should be covered whether that is by way of a specific line item or by way of an invoiceable.

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