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Oct 17, 2019

GuideStar Guidance: Galvanizing Gateways to Clinical Research Programs

The competition to attract target patient populations is fierce and hospitals, healthcare systems and universities that house clinical research sites within their organizations must keep up with cutting edge treatments and other affiliated medical advancements in order to remain competitive. When managed strategically, expanding research programs is an avenue for financial growth and ensures that the pipeline is sustained. Initiating or maintaining a clinical research program is no small undertaking. The National Institutes of Health states “Taking an entrepreneurial approach is a successful mechanism when developing a CR (clinical research) program. Maintaining a sustainable program requires fiscal planning, much like a business.”[1] GuideStar experts bring a wealth of industry knowledge, based on operational best practices to optimize research programs. Here are three ways GuideStar provides strategic assistance.


One: Accelerated Trial Activation

Since initiating trials is resource intensive, it’s critical to establish that all costs are covered to ensure a viable research program. Effective negotiation with sponsors/CROs is bolstered by insightful strategies that are customized to each potential research site’s requirements. GuideStar specialists review contracts to verify that the language is appropriate and in the best interest of the given research facility working within your organization’s infrastructure. Required regulatory processing at the sponsor and IRB level are completed for accurate and timely submission.


Two: Active Trial Maintenance

Negotiations are complete and the next step is to validate that you’re managing your clinical research as a business. Whether you’re conducting a limited number of trials or extensively across several specialties, the positive flow of funds from work performed on trials is essential for long-term financial stability and growth. GuideStar provides assistance with RRCM (research revenue cycle management), sponsor-driven amendment processing, trial entry into a CTMS (Realtime or existing) and trial specific advertising, if included in the sponsor budget.


Three: Comprehensive Site Evaluation

GuideStar specialists can take a deep dive into your existing research program and define the most appropriate organizational structures and processes to collaboratively develop the road map for improving your research objectives and outcomes. A review assists with streamlining efficiencies by examining financial management and profitability, clinical trial portfolio and volume, technology and resources, staffing capacity/potential level of physician participation, and gap analysis of processes.


From helping to incorporate a clinical trial strategy and program evaluations to providing administrative support, GuideStar’s industry professionals optimize your research program with a patient-centric focus. Speak with a GuideStar expert to learn more about how we can bring your clinical research program to the next level.


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