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Sep 03, 2013

The goal of a clinical trial is to determine if a new drug or device is safe and effective for use in the general population, but the general population is made up of billions of individuals.  So how is it possible to know in what way a patient will respond to a drug or device?

Eli Lilly and Company and The Center for Drug Development and Clinical Trials at Roswell Park Cancer Institute believe one answer to this question lies in enhancing clinical research in minority and underserved populations by increasing the number of minority investigators in clinical research. The two entities have developed a program with the goal to train 75 to 100 minority oncologists in the conduct of clinical trials. As the senior medical director at Lilly Oncology, Coleman Obasaju, M.D., Ph.D., states,

“Because medicines don't work the same for everyone, we need to understand how medicines work and the safety profile in patients likely to take them. By training more oncology minority investigators, our goal is to reach even more diverse populations.”

Any effort to increase physician and patient participation in clinical research is a positive step for the advancement of medicine and the future of healthcare.

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