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Feb 27, 2014

While the thought of starting a clinical research trials program at your hospital may seem challenging, it’s clear that opportunities for new revenues amid budget cuts make clinical trials worth considering.

Fortunately, managing an effective trials program is getting easier. Just as hospitals have transitioned to electronic medical records and other e-document management systems, clinical trial management systems can be much more efficient compared to manual documentation and tracking of clinical trial information.

Electronic Clinical Trial Management Systems enable hospitals to schedule patient visits and enrollment, keep track of research finances and review documents all in one place.

An e-doc management system greatly enhanced compliance and eliminates the need to create and store manual documents such as three-ring binders.  The beauty of this system is that it enables trial monitors to review documents remotely instead of on site, which would require a study coordinator’s time and assistance. Sponsors like the remote access because it helps reduce the expense a monitor traveling to the hospital.  An e-doc management system can be used to file regulatory documents, including informed consents, protocol versions and other required reports while  ensuring the most recent version is used.

This paperless set-up helps to further drive efficiencies in clinical trials, making them all the more appealing to consider.

Just as healthcare continues to gain efficiencies through electronic document management, clinical research trials are also becoming easier to manage, further breaking the barriers of implementation at community hospitals around the nation.

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