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Apr 24, 2019

Webinar: Budget Negotiation Strategies

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This webinar was recorded on April 24, 2019.

Budget negotiation is an integral part of the clinical trial start-up process, and tends to require a unique skill set and careful attention to detail from the person doing the negotiations on behalf of the site. A well-structured and negotiated budget can mean the difference between the trial funding itself or a research program subsidizing the trial from internal funds, potentially affecting a research program’s financial stability for years to come.

In this webinar, GuideStar Research Finance Specialists, John Tiley and Steven Sands, provided a high level overview of clinical trial budget negotiations and effective strategies to ensure your site’s costs are covered.

Specific areas covered:

  • Effective strategies for covering administrative & start-up costs
    • Establishing financial feasibility
    • Determining your true start-up costs
    • Ancillary start-up costs to consider
    • Hidden costs/fees
  • Effective strategies for covering per patient costs and strategies for handling difficult negotiations
    • Conducting an effective per patient cost analysis
    • Negotiation strategies and budget formats
    • Being prepared fro the different types of counter offers
    • Budget finalization

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Steven Sands
Senior Research Finance Specialist
GuideStar Research 

Steven has spent the better part of the last decade working as a clinical research professional in various positions. This includes time spent as a study coordinator for a small oncology practice, a protocol monitor/data manager for a mid-sized CRO, and as a study coverage and compliance analyst for a large institution. Steven utilizes his diverse professional background and compliance skillset to build coverage analyses and negotiate budgets for sites around the country.

John Tiley

John Tiley

Research Finance Specialist
GuideStar Research

John came to GuideStar Research with more than 5 years of experience in clinical research at Ochsner Medical Center. As Research Finance Specialist, he enjoys working with clients and sponsors building coverage analyses and negotiating budgets and contracts. John holds a BS in Biological Science, BA in Spanish from Southeast Louisiana University, and an MS in Healthcare Management from the University of New Orleans.

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