Webinar: CTMS for Your Research Institution: Benefits of Selecting the Right CTMS

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Jan 02, 2019

Webinar: CTMS for Your Research Institution: Benefits of Selecting the Right CTMS

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Date: Thursday, December 20th, 2018
Time: 12:00 pm EST

With so many CTMS systems out there, how should your site go about selecting the right system?

Choosing the correct system for your research organization is imperative for operational and financial health. In this webinar, we discussed a method for assessing CTMS systems. In addition, we reviewed some of the operational and financial benefits that a CTMS system can provide to your research institution.

Specific areas covered included:

  • What to consider when assessing your research program’s needs;
  • CTMS functionality and application; and
  • How to use a CTMS system to support financial management and reporting.

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Christian Weydert

Christian Weydert, Research Finance Manager

Christian came to GuideStar with 8 years of professional experience in clinical research operations, healthcare finance, and audit. As Research Finance Manager, he creates and develops workflows and tools that promote effective financial management for GuideStar clients. Christian’s business interests include process improvements, system development, and research revenue cycle management. He holds a BS in Finance from Louisiana State University and an MBA with a finance concentration from the University of New Orleans.


Sean Walsh, Director of Site Development

Sean brings over 20 years of medical management experience to GuideStar, along with a key interest in strategic design and implementation of clinical research sites. He has served as an Operational Chief for multi-specialty medical centers and health systems and has vast experience integrating clinical research operations into medical practices. Sean has led an award winning clinical research site to 13 drug approvals among his many other achievements in this industry.


Al Peters, Managing Partner

Al has been an innovator within the clinical research industry for nearly two decades. His notable leadership achievements and knack for spotting industry inefficiencies has helped shape new categories within the field of clinical research. His leadership at GuideStar and its two sister companies, BTC Network and ClinEdge, has contributed to the disruption of the current site landscape by providing much needed research clinic and patient-centric services. Looking to the future, he hopes to continue supporting innovative ideas to improve inefficiencies at the site level.


Maggie Kilgallon

Post by Maggie Kilgallon -

Maggie is a Marketing Coordinator at ClinEdge, BTC Network, and GuideStar Research. She assists the internal marketing team with content creation, conference planning, webinar management, external partnerships, social media strategy, and other marketing efforts.