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Jul 27, 2017

Research Program Structural Optimization: Best Practices Approach

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Research program structures vary widely among healthcare organizations. Dr. Rhonda Paz and Ms. Shirley Trainor-Thomas, drawing from their extensive experience in the clinical trial space, share research infrastructure best practices from around the country. Additionally, they touch on key aspects of marketing research programs to both internal and external audiences.

During this webinar, the speakers offer valuable insight into structural optimization and growth through staffing, standardization and communications.


  • Centralized versus decentralized staffing structures
  • The importance of specialized job functions
  • The best staffing structures for real-world situations
  • Effective job descriptions to ensure hires are based on qualifications and skills needed
  • Marketing and communication methods

Be sure to review the Webinar FAQ for more insights into Site Structure, Staffing and Communications.

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