How Do You #MakeYourMark On Research?

Held every May 20th in honor of James Lind, who on this day in 1747 began the first controlled trial in history, Clinical Trials Day also applauds the hard work and dedication of clinical research professionals throughout the world. While not all research proves successful, every study brings us one step closer to life-changing breakthroughs in the treatment of unmet medical needs.

You might have seen these two running around the exhibit hall asking, "How do YOU make your mark on research?!"

There are many stakeholders when it comes to research. The industry ranges from pharmaceutical companies creating the investigational drug, to PIs putting the investigational drugs to the test. Then we have the patient volunteers that are equally as important as the healthcare professionals, to name a few. So, how do you make your mark on research? This is the question we asked over those who attended ACRP 2017 in Seattle. The answers we got were diverse, yet uniquely extraordinary, reflecting how each individual impacts research.

There was no right answer, and the responses we got really brought people together. Some of the captions were regarding helping patients, “patient education,” and even “promoting excellence in clinical research.” Each person in the industry holds an important piece to the puzzle and without each, we would not move forward.

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